What Happened to the United Methodists?

On February 12, 2019 the United Methodist Church (UMC) released the findings of a theological research report conducted across the denomination. “The goal was to shed light on the present, in the interest of the church’s future” (Press Release here). While many people may consider the United Methodists to be split between conservative and liberal … Continue reading What Happened to the United Methodists?

Happy Hallowed Reformation Day

While small super heroes and tiny princesses are parading around during Halloween, it is appropriate for Christians to reflect upon another October 31st event, the birth of the Reformation. On October 31st, 1517 an Augustinian German Monk named Martin Luther nailed to the door at Wittenberg his 95 thesis (issues he had with the Catholic … Continue reading Happy Hallowed Reformation Day

What made David Brainerd stand out?

On the anniversary of Brainerd's death, it is important that we think back and consider what might have made this young missionary stand out to Jonathan Edwards and what continues to make his ministry stand out today.

Toleration? Or Free Exercise? George Mason Redivivus

Our current society really doesn’t know what to do with freedom of conscience. We’ve had previous administrations and present judiciaries trample all over it, emphasizing their defense of freedom of worship. That is to say, they were prepared to defend the right of the people to worship in their churches and houses of worship in whatever manner they saw fit. But those who dare to take those same convictions into the public sphere—cake bakeries, for instance—have crossed the line. And why? Because we, as a nation, have traded free exercise for toleration.