Do You Believe in Ghosts, Poem

From March of 2019 through October,  I officiated nearly twenty funerals for family, friends, and church members. Some of these dear brothers and sisters were expected passing, most were not. On top of these funerals, a mentor of mine (a spiritual giant to me) died as well. This period of mourning in my life and our church came to a head when my own Uncle passed. I was honored and thankful to take a small part in his funeral in February.

I wrote this poem reflecting on the memories of church members and family I sorely miss. I found memories of them come upon me like a flood, often at times I do not expect. These memories spring from a joy filled past, flow into a river of tears, and threaten to empty into an ocean of despair. Without the New Testament promise of the resurrection, I’d be swept out to sea. Praise God for the promise of new life in his Son!

I want to dedicate the poem to the members of Summerville First Baptist who have lost a loved one during my short tenure as their pastor. I love you and continue to remember you in my prayers. When we share those lonesome days, those days when the heart aches, the eyes tire, and strength wanes, love the Christ of the cross, gaze into the empty tomb, and anchor your hope to the resurrection.

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Do you beleive in Ghosts?
I do.
Seeing familiar faces,

who haunt common places.
A house,
where my children once played,

a sound my son made,
an aroma,
a taste of past pleasantries,

these are my memories.
They come
Like a flood from the past.

E’er they haunt, ne’r they last.
They’re real,
but only in my mind.

Knowing not when I’ll find,
Crypt dreams.
For a short time I smile.

I beg them stay awhile.
I plead, come quicker.

Why do these shadows flicker?
No sound.
I am told, just because

I am lost in what was.


Do you believe in Ghosts?
I do.
Just not what you may find.

Mine are the holy kind,
to come.
The resurrection I will cherish.

Death’s sting, let it perish.
By faith,
I know what I’ll see,

When Christ reigns eternally.
He’s risen.
And to him I strive.

My old faces, joyful, alive,
brand new.
Memories formed made real

When the dead arise,
In Christ,
When their bones come alive,

to future memories I yearn.
I’ll wait
for glory and for joy.

When my ghosts, family,
who died,
In heaven I will see.

By faith, not by sight.
By faith.
Not by haunting dreams.

Foretold this noble scene.
I see.
Not the past but future,

the Holy Ghost will suture.
My tears?
All wiped away, their fate.

For though now’s too late,
There I,
will hug and kiss your face.

Come Holy Spirit embrace.
Come Son.
Father, permit no delay.

I count God’s stars in faith.
home promised children of Christ.

My Lord, in you I laud.


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