Special Episode: Interview with Mathieu Barry

Join the Caffeinated Theology crew as we talk with Mathieu Barry about worship.

Mathieu Barry graduated from SWBTS with an MDiv. He is currently in the PhD program majoring in early church history. He is the director of communications at Travis Avenue Baptist Church.

* How would you define the difference between corporate and individual worship?
* What exactly is worship?
* How do you view worship among a body of believers?
* What are some frustrations a worship leader has with leading in corporate worship?
* How do we correct the emotionalism we are seeing in the church?
* What is the role of theology in worship?
* How should a pastor communicate with his worship leader?
* How can a pastor think through the theology of the worship service? What are some questions they should be asking?
* What are some practical ways to plan out a song set to coincide with preaching and vision?

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